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According to the latest estimate from the US Department of Agriculture’s global outlook report the USA and Brazil will officially remain the largest importer & exporter of beef respectively in 2017. China is quickly catching up on the U.S. due to Brazilian approvals, and in fact passes it by if you include Hong Kong grey […]

The biggest news in the global beef market over the last few weeks has been the granting of access for Brazilian beef to the U.S. market. Brazil has been granted access to the “Third Country” quota section which limits imports to 64,805 tons per annum. This quota is shared with Ireland and some Central American […]

Australian beef cattle prices are expected to remain strong during the next 12 months, according to the Rabobank beef quarterly report. Rabobank said strong cattle prices were expected to continue as producers rebuild the national herd after three years of heavy culling due to dry conditions affecting many areas of the country. “The shortage of […]

The  political and economic uncertainty surrounding the Brexit vote has consequences in many unintended places. The World Beef Report asserts that the British referendum result put a quick end to the improvement in sales to the European market in general. Nobody is willing to take chances on agreeing prices while the situation is so volatile.

With US beef imports already down 10% in Q1 2016 compared to 2015 it is interesting to note that the USDA is expecting 2017 imports to decline by 12% from 2016. Australia’s limited availability for export led to an 18% reduction to US in the first quarter, and that situation is only expected to continue […]

Brazilian beef industry is facing challenges including drought and security of cattle supply. These are unpredictable times in Brazil with President Rousseff facing impeachment, general political unrest, major currency fluctuations and tough domestic economic conditions. Brazil’s politicians have really let it down and the country is facing it’s worst recession since the 1930’s. Supply Chain […]

Australian cattle kill is heading for a huge 18% drop in 2016, before a further 10% drop in 2017. On a recent trip to Japan by AgraKepak’s International Trading Manager Luke Egan and Olga Artemova (Japan Sales) they found Japanese importers are feeling the squeeze on offals but not so far on beef cuts. “Importers […]