Brazilian beef industry is facing challenges including drought and security of cattle supply.

These are unpredictable times in Brazil with President Rousseff facing impeachment, general political unrest, major currency fluctuations and tough domestic economic conditions. Brazil’s politicians have really let it down and the country is facing it’s worst recession since the 1930’s.

Supply Chain Director Gerry Martin and Trader Frank McGeeney toured Brazil last month visiting a number of our Beef partners to inspect production and source additional suitable quality beef for our Asian, Middle East and North African clients.

Number of farms and feedlots were visited to fully understand the challenges the Brazilian beef industry is facing, including drought and security of cattle supply. Exports may be more attractive if the currency weakens, but this only looks likely if the President remains in power.

Gerry and Frank also visited two processing plants operated by our poultry partner Copacol. Major spikes in corn pricing on export markets has created cost challenges in the Brazilian poultry Industry combined with a drop in poultry commodity prices.

The Agra team including our on-the-ground inspection team supply our clients across the globe with fully assured quality Beef and Poultry product from South America.