Total allowable catch (TAC) in the North Atlantic would increase to 1,054,000T in 2017 In a meeting in Cork, Ireland last week it was agreed that the total allowable catch (TAC) in the North Atlantic would increase to 1,054,000t in 2017. EU vessels will be allowed to catch 503,245 tons (up from 441,586t in 2016). […]

ICES had recommended a near 10% cut. As discussed in an earlier newsletter the ICES had recommended a near 10% cut in the Barents Sea cod quota for 2017. This would have meant a reduction to 805,000 tons. However a recent report from scientists concluded hat the Barents Sea could actually handle an increase in […]

On a recent trip to Iceland, AgraKepak’s pelagic specialist Paul Sheary was informed that the Mackerel season in Iceland had gotten off to a slow start, with very few landings in June – only totaling about 2,300mt. “Landings in July were okay, with about 37,000mt of Mackerel landed, but production in August has been slower […]

North Atlantic mackerel season is underway now in Greenland, Faroes and Iceland. The Faroes and Greenland still have access to the Russian market, while the rest of the supply origins remain banned. Many suppliers will be turning their attention to Nigeria, which is the largest (and highest-paying) market in West Africa for mackerel. The market […]

The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) have advised that the cod and haddock catch in the Barents Sea in 2017 should be reduced. They advise that the cod quota should be reduced from 894,000t to 805,000t and that the haddock  quota should be reduced from 244,000t to 233,000t. The ICES’s advice […]

Scotland as a whole voted to Remain in the EU, however the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation (SFF) welcomed  the Brexit vote. They believe there is now an opportunity to set up an exclusive economic fishing area in the same way as Iceland or the Faroes. Taking a different view the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations have […]

At this time of year with larger and larger fish being caught a lot of sellers are reporting an abundance of 3kg+ headed and gutted cod stocks. The increased difficulty in processing means there is a lot less demand for this size than the 1-2kg. In an effort to value-add some Russian producers are now […]

AgraKepak are providing frozen cooked Irish mussels in sauce to the Asian markets.   On a recent trip to visit our supply partner in the South-West of Ireland Paul, Xiao Ming & Cathy were lucky to catch a rare sunny day in Ireland! For more info on these products please contact Paul at

Terrorist Attacks Can’t Stop Business. AgraKepak meeting with NH Foods UK during the Seafood Expo in Brussels, from left to right are, Andrew Agnew – AgraKepak, Emily Tan – NH Foods UK, Kevin Ruane – AgraKepak, Kevin Mimura – NH Foods UK. AgraKepak recently attended the Seafood Expo Global held in Brussels, Belgium, from 26th-28th […]