AgraKepak has been doing business in China and the rest of the Far East & South East Asia for many, many years. The growing importance of the Asian markets to our business led us to open our own office in China, located in Shanghai.

Our office is managed & staffed by Chinese nationals who intimately understand the needs of the Chinese market. Our China team has many years of experience in supplying the market with quality beef, pork, fish, lamb and poultry.

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Our Chinese Office Provides the Best of Both Worlds
to Our Global Suppliers and Our Local Customers

AgraKepak Shanghai Team meet Irish Officials

Irish Minister for Agriculture, Micheal Creed, with the AgraKepak China team during the ministers’ trade mission to China in September 2016.

Benefits to Suppliers

When you sell to AgraKepak, you have the re-assurance that you are selling to a real Chinese company with people on the ground.

Our local team gets your product further down the supply chain and ensures smooth management of all aspects of the trade. At the same time, you are getting paid by a blue-chip European operator providing the security and peace of mind you require.

Benefits to Customers

Our Chinese customers benefit from the local touch, dealing with other Chinese people who provide improved communications & understand their needs better than a non-National could.

They benefit from our global supply reach, international reputation and financial buying power, and perhaps most importantly of all are guaranteed that any contract they agree with us will be honoured and supplied in full.