Two members of our Chinese pork sales team from our Shanghai office, Shane O’ Flynn and Tao Shen, visited Suzhou pork market last week. Suzhou is located 100km west of Shanghai and is one of the largest markets for frozen imported pork in China. As well as domestic pork there was product on show from Ireland, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, USA and Canada. The most popular visible product in the market was bellies (sheet ribbed rind on), with a lot of feet on display also.


Given the recent dip in Chinese wholesale prices the general consensus amongst the importers/wholesalers is that they are attempting to sell their the bulk of their current stock before they import more frozen pork. This was evident in that a lot of the boxes on show displayed production dates from the first quarter of 2016. One interesting point to note is the preferred method of transport in the market (see picture below)! For more info on Chinese pork market please feel free to contact Shane or Tao at or